Forms in movement, research and experimentation are the keywords that give shape to the works of Patricio Parada.

Of extraordinary artistic capacity and authentic sculptural worth, the works of Patricio Parada have the ability to give emotions: his jewels are real sculptures to wear, to live and to live with them all the emotions that the artist transfers with extraordinary passion in every his creation and sculpture.

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There is no experience more magnificent than that of being able to wear a "sculpture - jewel" that encloses in it the wonderful world of Patricio Parada that, thanks to its artistic flair the metal used to create its jewelry, It doesn’t seem to be static, but in motion, don’t be cold, but warm, not be a simple bracelet or ring or necklace, but part of us and our personality.

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His research goes further by transferring the plasmaticity and experimentation of his works into chandeliers that are real installations of furniture. The lights that free its lamps enchant every look and capture our imagination, as a state of pleasant hypnosis, making free the mind of those who possess them, in a magical moment as a unique experience to live.

The impulse and the desire to experiment with metal modeling goes beyond the artist’s imagination, creating metal inserts that transform and enrich environments, integrating perfectly with them.

Each work's art created by Patricio Parada is rigorously handcrafted with endless hours of research and work, but all are born with a common denominator: creating art, the REAL one.

Patricio Parada tells us: “My artistic works represents a state of mind. Each object is the synthesis of a technical and experimental research. The identity of my work is to create a unique object of particular beauty, in which I interpret, with a conscious form, our nature".

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